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Welcome to Mekark, a pioneer in the field for supplying organizations with cutting-edge Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) solutions. Our cutting-edge technology is made to streamline storage and retrieval procedures, boost productivity, and cut costs for companies operating in a variety of industries. We will provide you a thorough description of ASRS, its benefits, the industries it is used in, and why Mekark is the ideal option for your ASRS requirements in this piece.

The Automated Storage and Retrieval System, or ASRS, is a creative and incredibly effective system created to store, arrange, and retrieve products utilizing cutting-edge technology. The system's management and

optimization of inventory control, reduction of manual labor, and improvement of overall productivity are its main objectives. With ASRS, you can store and retrieve items quickly and precisely by using computer-controlled systems and high-speed conveyors to move items into and out of storage.

The Benefits we offer:

Numerous benefits are offered to businesses by ASRS, including improved inventory control, cost savings, increased productivity and efficiency. Your team may concentrate on more crucial duties by automating your storage and retrieval operations, which will enhance productivity overall. Additionally, ASRS can optimize space utilization, lower the risk of errors, and reduce labor costs, all of which add up to significant long-term cost savings. Another benefit of ASRS is better inventory control, which enables companies to manage inventory more effectively, lower the risk of overstocking or stockouts, and increase accuracy in general.

Sectors where it can be Utilized:

Several industries, including manufacturing, retail, and distribution, heavily utilize ASRS. ASRS is frequently used in manufacturing facilities to manage the inventory of raw materials, finished items, and works-in-progress. Retailers utilize ASRS to control their inventory, streamline order fulfillment, and increase productivity. ASRS is also used by distribution centers to manage their inventory, shorten order processing times, and boost accuracy.

Why Choose Us to simplify your Storage and Retrieval Process?

Mekark, the industry's top supplier of ASRS solutions for companies, provides a variety of services, such as system design, installation, and maintenance. We can make sure that your ASRS system is customized to meet your unique requirements. Our team of ASRS specialists has years of expertise creating and executing unique ASRS solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Our ASRS systems are dependable, long-lasting, and effective because we only employ the best parts and materials. From the first consultation to continuing support and maintenance, Mekark is dedicated to giving each and every one of our clients great customer care. In order to ensure that our customers get the most out of their ASRS implementation, we work directly with them to create and execute solutions that are suited to their unique needs.


Infographic representation

No of Levels: 4
No of bays per level: 5
Clearance Between Levels: 150mm
Size of Bay: 200 mm x 366mm
Conveyor motor: 25 watts induction motor
Communication: Wireless Communication
Mechanical Structures:
  • Floor Mounted Storage Unit
  • 20 cells in an 4x5 array

ASRS is a highly effective and automated storage and retrieval system that provides several advantages to companies operating in a variety of industries. Mekark is the greatest option for your ASRS requirements since it provides knowledge, quality, customer care, and customisation to guarantee that your ASRS system is tailored to your particular requirements. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about how we can help you enhance your storage and retrieval procedures and boost productivity in your company.

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