Rotary Car Parking System

Rotary parking: The Compact Solution for Commercial Sectors and Urban Environments

Mekark is proud to present its ground-breaking rotary parking system, which offers a practical answer for effective and space-saving parking. Our system is made to satisfy the rising needs of commercial and urban settings that need high-density parking solutions. We will outline the benefits, characteristics, and industries where our rotary parking system may be used in this piece.

Our rotary parking system provides a convenient and effective way to park automobiles. It is entirely automated and computer-controlled. It is a special technique that enables vehicles to be parked in a circle, making the most of the available area. The turntable mechanism used by the rotary parking system makes it simple to park and retrieve the cars.

Advantages of using our system:

The effective utilization of space is one of the main benefits of our rotary

parking system. The technology is perfect for business sectors with limited parking space since it can fit more automobiles in the same area than standard parking options. The rotary parking concept also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment by reducing carbon emissions from moving automobiles.

Our rotary parking system is made to accommodate the requirements of many industries, including those in airports, hotels, hospitals, malls, and apartment buildings. The method is best suited for metropolitan areas with a shortage of parking spaces and high parking demand. By providing extra parking places for their clients and renters, property developers and owners of commercial buildings may optimize their earnings with our technology.


Infographic representation

Pallet Capacity: Each Pallet 3 Tons
Pallet Height: 5.2m Max
Pallet Length: 2.2m Max
Suitable For: Sedan, Suv
Overal Dimensions: 6.5m Length x 5.5m Width x 2.1m Height
Parking Capacity: 6 to 20 [cars]

How is it Different from other Systems?

Additionally, the rotary parking system has a number of features that set it apart from other parking options. Our system's complete automation allows it to park and retrieve vehicles without the need for human interaction, lowering the likelihood of accidents and damage. In order to ensure the security of the vehicles and pedestrians, the system is also fitted with sensors and cameras that keep an eye on the parking procedure.

Why does Mekark stand out ?

Mekark is the ideal option when picking a parking system. We are dedicated to offering our clients creative and dependable parking solutions. Our rotary parking system is made of premium components and cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing its sturdiness and effectiveness. In order to tailor the system to our clients' unique demands, our team of professionals will work directly with them.

In conclusion, the rotary parking system from Mekark is the best parking option for business sectors and metropolitan settings. For property developers and owners of commercial buildings who wish to maximize

parking revenue, it provides effective and space-saving parking. Customers may park without problem using our system, while property owners gain from more parking spots and cash. For a dependable and cutting-edge parking solution that will go above and beyond your expectations, choose Mekark.

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