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The Future of Eco-Friendly and Effective Bike Storage With Mekark's Bike Parking System

Traditional bike parking alternatives are ineffective as cities get denser and more crowded. To solve this problem, Mekark developed a ground-breaking bike parking system that is ideal for businesses wishing to maximize their bike storage area.

What is the Bike Parking System?

A contemporary storage option that provides a practical and effective way to store and retrieve bikes is the bike parking system. Similar to Mekark's Tower Parking System for cars, it operates by employing an automated vertical storage system that arranges bikes in designated spots. This technique makes the most of the space at hand, enhances organization, and increases the effectiveness of bike parking.

Comparison with Other parking systems

Compared to standard bike parking solutions, Mekark's Bike Parking System has a number of advantages,it can store more bikes in less space, it is a great solution for businesses with limited bike storage space. it is totally automated, it saves time and lowers the cost of maintaining bike parking. Mekark's bike parking system is also eco-friendly and can aid in lowering carbon emissions.

Where is Bike Parking Applicable?

The Bike Parking System is appropriate for a variety of establishments, including office buildings, colleges, hospitals, public transit hubs, and apartment buildings. It can enable simple access to bikes for medical professionals at hospitals, safe storage for students' bikes at universities, and convenient parking for staff and visitors at business buildings. Additionally, it can provide residents of apartments with secure storage and lessen bike theft at transit hubs.


Infographic representation

Lifting Capacity: 2-3 Tons
Lifting Height: 2m Max
Platform Length: 4.5m Max
Platform Width: 3m Max
Drive Mode: Motor+ Wire Rope/ Chain (Hydraulic System)
Space Required For a System : 4.5m Length x 3m Width x 4m Height
[Provided with Safety Lock System]

Why are we the best choice for your Parking Issues?

Due to its years of experience in developing and implementing cutting-edge parking solutions, Mekark stands out as a dependable and creative provider of bike parking services. To guarantee that our clients have the greatest experience possible, our team of experts is entirely devoted to providing the highest quality of service and support. Additionally, we provide a variety of customization choices that can be tailored to meet the particular needs of our customers.

Businesses wishing to maximize their bike storage space may choose Mekark's Bike Parking System. Compared to conventional bike parking choices, it has a number of advantages, including greater organization,

lower costs, and environmental friendliness. It may be employed in a number of scenarios and is a trustworthy and effective storage option. Mekark is the smart choice if you're searching for a trustworthy and creative bike parking solution.

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