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Mekark’s Four Pole Parking Solutions will transform your parking space

The novel and space-saving solution to your parking issues is in your business. Mekark's Four-Pole Parking Solutions provide your company several advantages as a B2B solution, including greater parking capacity, improved security, and affordable solutions.

Why use Four Pole Parking?

Parking has become a major concern for many enterprises, including those in the residential, commercial, hotel, and healthcare sectors, due to the increase of vehicles on the road today. This problem is addressed by the Quadropark system, which is perfect for companies with limited land space since it allows several cars to be parked in a small space.

Four Pole Parking systems are available in multiple designs that meet varied parking needs, with the G+1 and G+2 being two common choices that provide ground level and one elevated level, and ground level and two elevated levels, respectively, for effective space management.

Four Pole SS34 G+1

A two-tier parking system known as "Four Pole Parking G+1" employs four vertical columns to elevate and lower automobiles, allowing several vehicles to be parked in a small area. The parking system offers two levels of parking capacity: one raised level and one ground level. Vehicles can be piled on top of one another thanks to the hydraulic or electric mechanism that raises and lowers the platform. In metropolitan locations where parking is scarce and in great demand, this kind of parking system is frequently employed. Regarding "SS34 G+1," this is a unique Four Pole Parking system model or configuration. The "SS34" is a model number or product code that the company uses to set this system apart from others in their range of products.The "G+1" would suggest that the parking system has both a ground level and an elevated level. It's likely that the SS34 comes in several forms with various levels or additional features.


Infographic representation

Lifting Capacity: 2-3 Tons
Lifting Height: 2m Max
Platform Length: 4.5m Max
Platform Width: 3m Max
Drive Mode: Motor+ Wire Rope/ Chain (Hydraulic System)
Space Required For a System : 4.5m Length x 3m Width x 4m Height
[Provided with Safety Lock System]

Four Pole SS75 G+2

The term "Four Pole SS75 G+2" refers to a particular design or configuration of an automated parking system that raises and lowers automobiles using four vertical columns, enabling the parking of many vehicles in a small area.The "SS75" might be a model number or product code that the manufacturer uses to set this system apart from others in their product range. The system features three parking levels, including a ground level and two raised levels, as indicated by the "G+2" symbol.The platform is lifted and lowered by a hydraulic or electric system, just like previous Four Pole Parking systems, allowing vehicles to be piled on top of one another. These parking management techniques are frequently employed in cities where parking is scarce and in high demand, such as in office buildings, apartment buildings, and public parking garages.

Special advantages of parking system

Our four-pole parking system's ability to conserve space by parking cars vertically rather than horizontally is one of its key benefits. This allows you to maximize the usage of your parking facilities by fitting more automobiles into a given area while freeing up precious real estate. Additionally, because of the complete automation of our parking system, vehicles can be parked and retrieved quickly, saving you and your customers time and clearing traffic. When it comes to parking solutions, security is always of the utmost importance. This is also true with our four-pole parking system. Your clients' vehicles are safe and secure thanks to the additional security measures our system offers.

The Benefits We Provide You

With decades of expertise developing, manufacturing, and installing four-pole parking systems, Mekark offers specialized solutions to meet each client's particular requirements. We use premium materials while building our systems to ensure durable and dependable outcomes.To guarantee that your business is constantly operational, we also offer first-rate maintenance and repair services as well as top-notch customer support. Our four-pole parking systems are affordable,

Mekark's Four-Pole Parking Solutions provide a modern and inventive response to the parking issues that businesses currently encounter. Our Quadropark system is the ideal parking solution for enterprises in the residential, commercial, hotel, and healthcare sectors since it offers space-saving solutions, improved security, and cost-effective possibilities. Contact Mekark right now to find out more about how we can provide your company specialized parking solutions.

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