Puzzle Car Parking System

Space saving and Effective Puzzle Parking System Solution

In today's fast-paced world, finding parking is becoming an increasingly difficult task in cities all over the world. Businesses and organizations must come up with innovative and effective parking solutions that make the best use of the space at hand. The Puzzle Parking System from Mekark provide to complete innovative solution with latest technology that may assist companies in overcoming this difficulty.

What is the Puzzle Parking System?

By stacking automobiles both vertically and horizontally in a grid-like arrangement, the groundbreaking Puzzle Parking System offers an

automated parking option. Businesses can park more cars in a smaller amount of area thanks to the system, which is built to make the most use of available space. The Puzzle Parking System by Mekark is entirely automated, making it simple and practical for companies to utilize.

Advantages of Puzzle Parking Over Conventional Parking Systems

Compared to standard parking alternatives, Mekark's Puzzle Parking System has many benefits including:

• It allows for more vehicles to be accommodated in a smaller space.

• It allows for more vehicles to be accommodated in a smaller space.

• It is entirely automated; the technology lowers the possibility of mishaps and damage while also saving time and money on parking management. Furthermore, Mekark's Puzzle Parking System emphasizes environmental sustainability.

Mekark's Puzzle Parking System is the perfect option for businesses looking to maximize their parking space because of its adaptable features. Without human involvement, the system runs smoothly, resulting in ease and effectiveness. Additionally, the Puzzle Parking System was created with energy efficiency in mind, potentially helping businesses to save money on energy.


Infographic representation

Lifting Capacity: 2-3 Tons
Lifting Height: Up To 15m [Upto 6cars]
Platform Length: 5.5m Max
Platform Width: 3m Max
Drive Mode: Motor+ Wire Rope/ Chain (Hydraulic System)
Power Required : 3kW Per Car
[Provided with Safety Lock System]


Mekark's Puzzle Parking System applies to a variety of sectors, including office buildings, medical facilities, airports, shopping centers, and residential structures. The system may be utilized in business buildings to offer parking for staff and clients and in hospitals to provide rapid and simple access to emergency vehicles. It may assist control traffic flow and lessen congestion at airports, and it can give customers a quick and easy parking option at retail centers. It can provide inhabitants of residential complexes with a safe and practical parking alternative.

What makes Mekark different from others?

With years of expertise in creating and implementing cutting-edge parking solutions, Mekark is a leading manufacturer and supplier of puzzle parking systems. To ensure that our clients get the most out of our goods, our team of professionals is committed to providing the best standard of service and support. We may also customize our solutions to match the unique demands of our clients because we provide a variety of customization possibilities.

Mekark provide several benefits thanks to our effective and space-saving design, innovative technologies, and energy-efficient functioning. Our solution may be used by enterprises to save time, money, and space in a variety of settings, including commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, retail centers, and residential structures. So choose Mekark if you're looking for a dependable and creative parking solution.

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